Which Pro X suits you?

The universal Pro X series consists of 4 different in-ear monitors for any artist or performer, from beginner to experienced. The Pro X series is technologically one of the most advanced in-ear monitors on the market, with every aspect of the series purposefully designed for both superior comfort and sound on stage.

Differences in the Pro X series
So the Pro X series consists of four different models, each excelling in a specific area. But what are the differences in this series and which model is right for you? Below, we explain what each Pro X is best suited for:

  • Pro X10
  • The Pro X10 is the first model in this series and features a single driver that aims for a neutral and balanced sound signature. The extension from top to bottom is impressive for a single driver, with a reasonable amount of body.

    For this price, it offers a surprising amount of detail and therefore proves to excel while listening to music more focused on the midrange, such as acoustic music and folk.

  • Pro X20
  • The Pro X20 improves on the Pro X10 by adding an extra driver. This improves dynamics and there is a bit more sparkle at the top and body at the bottom. This makes the Pro X20 in-ears sound a bit livelier and there is definitely some extra emphasis on the bass.

    This model is more suitable for those who like some extra warmth in their sound. The midrange is a bit less intimate, making the model perfect for bassists and drummers who need a bit more punch and dynamics.

  • Pro X30
  • The Pro X30, an update of the UM Pro 30, retains the much-loved sound, but boosts sound reproduction along with slightly better definition and clarity across the board. These in-ears use three drivers that help increase headroom before distortion occurs.

    One driver is used for each part of the frequency range, giving you clear and full bass, a nuanced and detailed midrange and clean highs that flow smoothly. This makes them perfect for almost anyone on stage.

  • Pro X50
  • With 5 drivers, the Pro X50 is the flagship model of the Pro X series. The drivers aim for more clarity without sacrificing refinement and smoothness. There is a clear boost down low that is tight and controlled, but still makes these in-ears sound warm.

    The Pro X50 has a full and enjoyable sound that makes it an easy-to-listen-to, everyday in-ear. With a little tinkering with the equaliser, you can easily adjust the sound to your personal preference, while maintaining excellent comfort and really good engineering.

    We hope this blog can help you make a choice, but we understand that personal advice may still be in demand. For this, you can reach us via the livechat at the bottom right or calling +31 850 488 816. Until soon!

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