Westone Audio customs

Under construction

Our Custom Series are the first choice of many professional musicians. Therefore, we want to offer customization of these as soon as possible. We are currently working on this functionality on our website, so we are referring you to our partner Variphone. Variphone is a very high quality partner with years of experience in customizing Westone Audio in-ear headphones.

Our latest technological developments are combined with Variphone's experience in custom manufacturing. The result? A monitor of unmatched sound quality, response and reliability with the fit and comfort that only customization can provide. Feedback is eliminated, stage noise levels are lowered and vocal fatigue is reduced.

Build your own - Variphone

Unparalleled sound quality

Latest technologies and perfect fit create unmatched sound quality.

Perfection in response

Latest technologies and perfect fit create unmatched perfect response.

Supreme comfort

Variphone's long experience results in a perfect fit.

eliminated feedback

The perfect fit eliminates outside noise for perfect concentration.

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