• Overcome challenges with IEMs

    Overcome challenges with IEMs

    In-ear monitors can sometimes present challenges, such as fit issues, sound imbalance and technical glitches. It is important to be able to identify and solve these problems so that you can enjoy your in-ear monitors to the fullest. Here are some common problems and possible solutions. Fit problems A good fit and comfort are essential for an optimal experience with in-ear monitors. Make sure...
  • The birth of IEMs

    The birth of IEMs

    In-ear monitors (IEMs) were initially introduced to the music world as a tool for musicians and artists to have better control over their sound during performances. Although the idea of personal monitoring existed earlier, the use of IEMs began in the 1980s. Before in-ear monitors Before the advent of IEMs, musicians relied on stage monitors, also known as "floor wedges" or "foldbacks". These monitors...
  • Which in-ears are suitable for you?

    Which in-ears are suitable for you?

    When choosing the right in-ear monitors, there are several factors to consider. We will go through these factors step by step so that you make the best in choosing in-ear monitors. The fitting One of the most important factors when choosing in-ear monitors is the fit. You want a model that fits comfortably in your ear and doesn't fall out while in use. Our...
  • Are multiple drivers better?

    Are multiple drivers better?

    When people start researching in-ear monitors, one of the first things they want to know is why some in-ear monitors have multiple drivers, what the purpose of this is, and whether the best in-ear monitors have the most drivers time. Why multiple drivers? The concept of multiple drivers in in-ear monitors is similar to that of speakers. By distributing the wide range of audio...
  • Benefits of custom in-ears

    Benefits of custom in-ears

    As a musician or audio professional, you know how important it is to have a good quality audio experience. Whether you are on stage, in the studio or on the road, the right audio equipment can make the difference between an average and excellent performance. One of the best choices you can make for a high-quality audio experience are custom in-ear monitors. Below are...
  • Which Pro X suits you?

    Which Pro X suits you?

    The universal Pro X series consists of 4 different in-ear monitors for any artist or performer, from beginner to experienced. The Pro X series is technologically one of the most advanced in-ear monitors on the market, with every aspect of the series purposefully designed for both superior comfort and sound on stage. Differences in the Pro X series So the Pro X series consists...
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