Pro X vs. UM Pro

The Pro X series redefines and elevates the UM series with more efficient sound channels that give a cleaner and better frequency response with the most ergonomic fit. Like the UM Pro models, the Pro X models are ideal for on-stage monitoring, singers, guitarists, keyboard players and you name it. It is a real must-have for any musician.

Building quality
The quality of these in-ear monitors is similar to each other; both feature hard plastic housings that feel extremely light.

The Pro X series has switched to IPX connectors, for connectivity with Linum BaX cables. Increasingly popular, these cables are incredibly thin and light. In fact, they are so thin that they appear fragile but are quite robust and rewind on their own making them tangle-free. So it is a big step forward and are better than the older MMCX connectors.

The fitting
In terms of fitting, the UM Pro in-ear monitors were always considered one of the most comfortable earphones available. Fortunately, the Pro X series are about the same in terms of shape and fit like cast. The new lightweight cables make them even more comfortable.

As for accessories, you get the same excellent range as always. A wide range of tips and a small monitor safe that's perfect for keeping your earphones safe when you're not using them.

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