Which in-ears are suitable for you?

When choosing the right in-ear monitors, there are several factors to consider. We will go through these factors step by step so that you make the best in choosing in-ear monitors.

The fitting
One of the most important factors when choosing in-ear monitors is the fit. You want a model that fits comfortably in your ear and doesn't fall out while in use.

Our universal in-ear monitors come with different sizes of eartips, so you can adjust the fit to the size of your ear canal. Later, you can buy the best-fitting tips separately which saves a lot of money.

Sound quality
You wear in-ear monitors for sound so sound quality is very important. So you want a model that delivers a balanced and accurate sound that suits your taste and musical preferences. It is also important to pay attention to the frequency response and impedance of the in-ear monitors.

  • Bassists and drummers
  • As a bass player and drummer, the most important frequencies are the lower frequencies. This is why you want to go for a pair of in-ear monitors with a solid low end.

  • Guitarists
  • The guitar covers a very wide frequency range. This makes it convenient for guitarists to go for a well-balanced in-ear monitor.

  • Singers
  • Depending on the singer's range, vocalists are usually somewhere between the midrange and upper range of the sound spectrum. That's why singers usually go for in-ear monitors that show off the mid- and treble well.

  • Engineers
  • As a engineer, you do not focus on just one frequency range, but are responsible for monitoring all frequency ranges. Therefore, it is imperative to choose a pair of in-ear monitors that reproduce a well-defined and clear image.

    In-ear monitors offer good noise isolation, meaning that ambient noise is blocked. This can be especially useful during live performances or when recording in noisy environments. Custom in-ear monitors offer even better isolation, as they are precisely tailored to your needs.

    Make the best choice
    Choosing the right in-ear monitors is very important for what you are buying these earbuds for. If you would like to receive personalised advice, don't hesitate to contact us, see you soon!

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