The difference between our cables

As you may have heard, we offer a variety of cables with three different types of connectors called 2-PIN, MMCX and T2. Each type of connector is made for a specific type of IEM. So there is no difference in sound quality or capabilities.

As the name suggests, this cable has two small pins protruding from the connector. 2-PIN is the older, simpler technology that is easy to swap in and out. This also does ensure that they can be bent or broken quickly.

With a 2-PIN connector, the connection cannot be twisted or adjusted once made.

MMCX connectors provide a strong connection, the cable clicks into the ports with a clicking sound. The cable and the IEMs are thus securely locked in place. Furthermore, the MMCX cables fit universally, allowing you to use this cable with multiple IEMs.

The connectors look cylindrical and have one small pin inside.

Estron's T2 connectors are specially designed to give the most reliable connection with a focus on tensile stability, no interruptions and high durability. This coupled with minimal wear ensures the longest possible product life.

Our MACH and Pro X series use these T2 cables, but the cables can also be used for other IEMs with a T2 connector.

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