Keep your in-ear monitors clean

For various reasons, it is important to keep in-ear monitors clean properly. Wondering why this is important and how best to go about it? Then read on soon.

The in-ear monitors come into close contact with the auricle which is a sensitive part of the body. If the in-ear monitors are not cleaned regularly, dirt, sweat and bacteria can accumulate, leading to ear infections or other health problems.

With the Wax Loop, you can easily avoid this problem and keep both your in-ear monitors and your tips clean.

Sound quality
Dirty in-ears can affect the sound quality of your audio, as the accumulation of earwax or dirt can clog the audio filters, change the shape of the tips or interfere with the audio signals. This will alter the sound reproduction.

Regular cleaning helps achieve a listening experience you experienced when you received the in-ear monitors. It will also increase the longevity of the in-ears.

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